Great Job at the Frosty Road Runner

Bethany Botelho and her crew from the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School are to be congratulated on another great race.   This is a real bang for your road race dollars.

For those of you who pre-entered, did you go through the number pick up and not have to wait in a line while others were just signing up?

For those of you who entered the day of the race, did you find that you were able to proceed right to the sign up table and not have to wait while others were picking up their numbers?

The answer to both questions is yes.

Well marked courses in both the 5k and the 10.5 mile race were very evident.  As was the support out on the  course.

And yes, the proceeds went to a worthy cause.   The school cross country teams, the honor society benefit.

Oh by the way, did you get enough to eat?   For those of you who met the deadline, you got a T.

Great Job crew, you done good.

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