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Click on the Name of the Race to view and print out a Race Course Map, then come back after you have run the course and rate it. 


Acushnet Road Race   Bring you racing shoes to this one.

Bridge to Wellness 5K Road Race  A run across the historic New Bedford Fairhaven Bridge

BWS 5K  Road Race   This is the same route as the Fishermen's Tribute 5K.  Flat, Fast, and scenic

Day Of Portugal 5K    This one is accurate and it is fast.  You don't PR here you need help!

Dartmouth YMCA 10K  Eeeerase your time on this one, I dare ya!

Dartmouth YMCA 5K   Proposed at this time.

Dartmouth Parks Department Triathlon Run

Dartmouth Parks Department Triathlon Bike

Fairhaven Father's Day Road Race 10K     Grandfather of all 10K's 

Fairhaven Father's Day Road Race  5K     Could rival the Day of Portugal 5K for one fast course with fast people. 

Fort Phoenix 5K, Fairhaven, MA.       Flat and Fast!  A day at the beach!

GNB Voc-Tech 5K Road Race. 

Marion Village 5K Road Race.  Marion, MA    Racing flats time, or a great run in a beautiful village.

Middleboro YMCA 10K  Really Flat and Fast Great Country Run.

Rochester Road Race   Great country roads in a beautiful Southern New England Town.

Wareham Y 5K.   Great run through beautiful Onset Village.  This one rolls, and is not easy.

The Frosty Runner  10.5 miles Do think that you will be running on any thing flat any time soon.

The Frosty Runner 5K Make sure you have a flack vest for when the ten milers throw snow balls at you.


Acushnet 8.6 miles.    Rate= Hard  Very good for Hill training. 

10 Mile Hill Top Challange, Fall River, MA   Rate=  You better be in shape!!!

Great Bike Rides:

Acushnet, Lakeville, Rochester

If you have a favorite running or biking route, send it to me and I will post it.  What I will need is the town/city, and the streets etc.     braunjh@comcast.net