These are questions that we often get about road races.  If you have a question that is not answered here, send us an email, and hopefully we can answer it for you.

Why don't you have chip timing?

We specialize in small local races.  We can handle races up to 500 entries.  Races with entrants 300 or less don't need chip timing.  It is expensive, the added costs associated with chip timing cut into your profits.  This means you can't give away some cash to your favorite charity.

How does your timing differ from chip timing?

I guess they would be faster getting results out to a fancy TV screen, or your iPhone.  We like to print out a hard copy and post them on a wall for you to see.   It also helps us identify problems that we can fix before the awards are handed out.   After that we post our results on the internet just like the chip people do.

What should I do if I don't see my name on the results sheets?

Simple.  Just come up to our timing trailer at the finish line and let us know as soon as you find out.  We'll fix it for you.  Don't worry we don't bite.

Why do you always yell at us to stay in line in the chutes?

Once you cross the finish line, that is your order of finish.   Staying into the chutes with out passing someone in the chutes, or letting someone pass you keeps you in the exact order of finish.  If you notice, there is someone taking down your number as you exit at the end of the chute, this information comes to us in the timing trailer.  We match them up with the times that are being dumped into the computer.  Not only do we have a record ( God forbid on paper) of the order of finish, but we can refer back to it when checking for a problem.  If chip timing has a lose of power, there is no back up to produce the order of finish.  

What is more important, your place or your time?

The three most important things are your race number, age, and gender.  You should always make sure these are correct, and checking the results sheets to make sure they are.  If any one of them is missing, then check with the timers ASAP.   If your number is missing, you will not show up at all.  If your age or gender is missing, you will show up on the overall results, but not in the age group or awards.

Next is the place.  Place determines where you finished in you age group, and most important, the awards.

Your time is important to you, but to the timers and the event, it is your place.

What is the deal with strollers in a race?

Oh Boy!  Here's the deal.   At USA Track and Field sanctioned events, the stroller and the occupant are not covered by the sanctioning insurance.  The owner of the stroller is responsible for any damages done by the stroller.

USA Track and Field sanctioned events must strongly discourage the use of strollers in their events.